We believe with care, coffee at any roast level can be enjoyable and delicious. We offer our coffees at a few different roast levels so you can find a coffee that fits your tastes.

Because roasting standards vary widely depending on where you are in the world and who is doing the roasting, we have a little more information below on what each of our three roast levels looks and tastes like. If you're familiar with the terms, our Light, Medium, and Dark are about comparable with City, City+, and Full City, respectively.

We prepare all of our coffees as both filter and espresso with excellent results, so we don't tend to say one coffee or another is "roasted for espresso" or "a filter roast".

Bright, Expressive, Lively
Light Roast

Our light roast is quite light. Expect these coffees to be the most juicy, floral, and fruit forward. We recommend brewing these coffees a little hotter and longer than our medium roast.

Sweet, Balanced, Smooth
Medium Roast

Our medium roast is on par with your average, well developed filter roast from a specialty coffee roaster. These coffees will have moderate/mellow acidity, with a little bit of nutty, brown sugar sweetness.

Classic, Chewy, Spice
Dark Roast

Our dark roast is what you may find from a specialty coffee roaster labeled as "espresso" and is, to be honest, not exactly a "dark roast" by national standards. We don't roast into second crack and our beans don't show oils, but we do appreciate a coffee that brews a full bodied cup with prominent "roast" qualities. We recommend brewing these coffees a little cooler and a little shorter than our medium roast.