Signal & OMEN

Signal and Omen are our flagship blends. We wanted to do something fun and meaningful with them, so we decided to feature art from new artists periodically, and give back to the community by passing along $1 from every bag of coffee we sell online to the artist.

Signal is a blend of a washed Latin American coffee and a washed African coffee. Signal is a bright, lively, and clean blend representing the best of modern processing methods. We roast it dark enough so that the clean, bright flavors of the coffees are softened and balanced out by the roast, but remain in the forefront of the cup.

Omen is a blend of a natural processed Latin American coffee and a natural process African coffee. Omen is deep, brooding, and mysterious, representing the best of traditional processing methods. We roast it fairly dark so the roast qualities predominate, but not so dark that the wild natural flavors of the coffee are drowned out.

Below is an archive of artists we've worked with in the past.

Andrew Haener


Andrew Haener is an illustrator located in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. His lively and energetic work incorporates powerful, geometrically-formed characters and frenzied, dreamlike worlds. Along with carefully selected color palettes, clearly defined focal points, and a wry sense of humor, the qualities of his creative work are perfectly suited for editorial, lifestyle, and conceptual illustration projects.

His work has been seen in The New Yorker, Chief Investment Officer, The Internet Association, PLANADVISER, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, and more. It has been recognized by American Illustration, Association Of Illustrators World Illustration Awards, 3x3 International Illustration, iJungle Illustration Awards, and Creative Quarterly.

Taylor Dubose

Bringing back classic style, to contemporary design.

Taylor DuBose

San Jose, CA